Bride Beauty Bouquet

In Hibiya Kadan (日比谷花壇)‘s information magazine "Petale (ペタル)" latest spring edition "Pleasure", there is a whole section devoted to the latest trends of bridal bouquet.
From balls to bows, donuts to eggs, there are virtually endless possibilities in the bouquet arrangement limited only by your imagination. Hibiya is currently offering free online viewing of the Petale magazine. However, you will need to install the freeware Ebook Flipviewer and also disable any image capture software in order to view the magazine.

Ring Bouquet – Like a stained glass motif, the outside of the ring bouquet is decorated with leaves of water iris while the center is full of small white spray roses.
Ball Bouquet – Hundreds of wired white rose petals are straussed together into a "Victorian Rose" ball-shaped bouquet. Perfect for younger brides.
Bow Bouquet – A handbag, a picnic basket or a bow of love? The foliage used in this green bouquet includes orchid leaves, lushious moss, and green tinted carnations. A natural blend of color for garden marriages.
Cascade Bouquet – Long dropping vines adds a hint of mild green to the white sweet pea flowers. Young, energetic, and angelic.
Egg Bouquet – Small white flowers are inserted into an egg dome covered with green film rolls. A unique and elegant bouquet.
Necklace Bouquet – Red dried rhizomes are beaded together into an oriental handheld bouquet with matching necklace.
Shoulder Bouquet – Dark vines are knitted into a scarf with fresh white, peach, and purple flowers. Hanging from the shoulder, the bouquet drops to the waist and then to the ground elegantly.
Shoulder and Arm Bouquet – A long cloth of small white and pink orchids will emphasize the waistline of the bride.

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4 Responses to Bride Beauty Bouquet

  1. joan_ho says:

    Wow, those bouquets are so cool and so creative! What if i request one that has dimsum in it? ;p

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